What is a makeup setting spray and how do I use it

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
What is a makeup setting spray and how do I use it
What is a makeup setting spray and how do I use it

What is a makeup setting spray?

Makeup setting spray is a product to be used on the face after applying makeup; it lets makeup stay in place for a longer time, especially in hot weather or on rainy days.

Many women don’t use makeup setting spray either because they are not aware of its benefits or because they think that only beauty experts can use it.

A primer lets makeup stay put for a longer time; it comes in the form of a cream or gel and it is applied before putting makeup. While a setting spray comes in the form of a spray and is applied by spraying a little quantity over the entire makeup. 

Benefits of makeup setting spray:

It prevents makeup from smudging and rubbing off in case of exposure to heat or humidity.

Some setting sprays keep the skin moist in case of hot weather.

Some other types contain a sunscreen to protect the skin from sun rays, especially in summer.

There is also a setting spray made of natural ingredients and enriched with vitamins to nourish the skin.

How to choose a makeup setting spray:


A makeup setting spray suits all types of skin; but if you have a sensitive or dry skin, use an alcohol free setting spray. 

We recommend choosing a setting spray made of natural ingredients. You can prepare a setting spray at home by using rose water or glycerin or any other natural ingredient that is efficient in setting makeup and moisturizing skin. 

How to use a makeup setting spray:


Finish putting all makeup, including face, eyes and lips. Hold the setting spray bottle at arm’s length to keep some distance between your face and the spray bottle. Close your eyes and gently apply few squirts on your face.

Make sure that all your facial features are apparent and relaxed in order to distribute the spray over the entire face.

Add a makeup setting spray to your makeup bag in order to keep a radiant face all day long.

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