A simple eye makeup in easy steps

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
A simple eye makeup in easy steps
A simple eye makeup in easy steps

Often women do not have the time to apply a makeup that requires a lot of time and effort, or maybe they want a simple daily makeup to go to university or work, or even visit a close friend; therefore, they need to know how to apply eye makeup in a quick and easy way.

Here are the steps for simple eye makeup:

1- Preliminary step:

Before putting on eyeshadow, you should apply a primer or a concealer to make your makeup last for the longest possible time.

2- Hiding eye fatigue:

You can hide eye fatigue by using a concealer; it will illuminate the dark pockets under the eyes.

3- Mascara:

Sweep the mascara wand back and forth on your lashes from root to tip and repeat the movement many times to add length and thickness to your eyelashes. We recommend using black mascara irrespective of your hair color. Black mascara suits all hair colors, and defines the eyes making them look bigger. For impactful and attractive lashes, use soft false lashes to give your eyes a pretty, natural look.

4. Defining eyebrows:

Fill the gaps of scattered eyebrows with a brow pencil close to the color of your natural eyebrows. Remember that eyebrows are an essential feature of the face and are considered the frames of the eyes; you should therefore take care of them.

5. Eyeshadow:

For a simple and fast makeup, use one eyeshadow color; you can choose the color you want and apply it on your entire eyelid, then apply black mascara for an elegant and simple makeup.

6. Blush:

Choose blush in a natural pink hue and apply it to your cheeks; pink will give you a radiant face and a quick beautiful look.

7. Lipstick:

Lip gloss is the ideal solution for simple and quick makeup; it allows for an attractive look that is easily and quickly applied.

These simple steps will help you apply a simple and easy daily eye makeup for an elegant look.

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