11 tricks for enhancing deep set eyes

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
11 tricks for enhancing deep set eyes
11 tricks for enhancing deep set eyes

As mentioned earlier, there are many shapes of eyes such as round, almond, big, small, and protruding; thus eye makeup should be applied in the way that suits the shape of eyes eye to enhance their beauty. This article concerns deep set or recessed eyes and the way to apply makeup in a way that will give them an appearance in harmony with other features of the face.


1. Applying a primer:

To make eye makeup stay put for long hours, we recommend using an eye primer before starting to apply eye makeup. Distribute some primer on your eyelids; this applies to all types of eye shapes and not only the deep set ones.



2. Applying eyeliner on part of the upper eyelid:

For deep-set eyes, apply eyeliner only at the outer corner of the eye, and avoid putting it on the inner corner so as not to make your eyes look smaller.



3. Hiding dark circles:

It is very important to hide dark circles; this will enhance the look of deep-set eyes and give them a natural beauty in harmony with other features of the face. Use a concealer over the primer then apply foundation for a luminous look.



4. Draw attention to other parts of your face:

This is a very useful trick if you don’t like the shape of your eyes; put little makeup on your eyes and focus on your lips for example. Attention will be drawn to your lips.



5. Use bright colors:

Bright and radiant colors enhance and illuminate recessed eyes. Avoid dark colors, such as black, as much as possible because they will only make things worse.



6. Use a luminous eyeshadow

You can enhance the shape of your eyes by putting a light and luminous eyeshadow on the entire upper lid. Distribute eyeshadow with a special brush on the entire upper lid. This trick will give more radiance to your eyes and enhance their shape.



7. Apply dark eyeshadow to outer corners:

If you like dark colors, especially black, we recommend applying dark eyeshadow only at the outer corner of the eye; this makes the eye look bigger and brings it out.



8. Mascara:

Mascara is the best friend of deep set eyes. Apply more than one coat of mascara; it will give your eyes a beautiful and radiant look. Before applying mascara, don’t forget to use a lash curler to give your lashes a nicer shape.



9. Inner corner of the eye:

Use light and luminous colors on the inner corner of the eye; this will divert attention from the problem of recessed eyes; luminous colors in the inner corner make eyes look wider.



10. Eyeliner:

When applying eyeliner at the outer corner of the eye, make sure to draw a thin line. Extend the line slightly upward at the end of the eye; this will bring out the eye and make it look wider.



11. False lashes:

Long eyelashes bring out recessed eyes and give them a nice size; use false lashes if your lashes are short and make them thick at the outer corner of the eye.


These 11 tricks can solve the problem of recessed eyes. Apply these tricks if you have deep set eyes and enjoy having beautiful eyes.



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