Bridal manicure the Meghan Markle way

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  • Thursday, February 1, 2018
Bridal manicure the Meghan Markle way
Bridal manicure the Meghan Markle way

Are you a fan of Meghan Markle’s elegant looks? Are you impatient to discover her bridal manicure? British princesses use quiet and soft nail polish colors that suit a royal look. So discover the main nail polish colors that Meghan Markle might use on her wedding day.


2018 bridal manicure inspired by Meghan Markle

To fit her social status, Meghan Markle will not find better than nude and pastel colors. She might use one of the following colors.


Bridal nail polish 2018 in a pastel pink color

This color reflects the softness and elegance of the 2018 bride.


Bridal nail polish 2018 in a wonderful pink color

Meghan’s social status limits her choices. This wonderful pink color is far from being vulgar or excessively shiny; it might be her favorite choice on her big day.


Bridal nail polish 2018 in a soft blue color

This color might be ideal on Meghan Markle’s nails; although not a classical color, it suits a royal wedding.


Bridal nail polish 2018 in gold color

After seeing this metallic color nail polish, Meghan Markle might consider using a gold color. It gives a royal dimension to golden nail polish, far from any vulgarity or flashy effect that might stand in the way of choosing a nail polish color for a royal wedding.  

Tips for professionally applying nail polish:

Every bride seeks to get an ideal nail polish. All you need to do is to follow the tips below to get an amazing bridal manicure in 2018.

Dry your hands before applying nail polish; we recommend wiping your nails with a polish remover to eliminate all traces of polish or oil.

Position your hand firmly and start applying nail polish; any slight movement might ruin your nail polish.

Allow nails to dry on their own before starting to apply nail polish on the other hand.

Start by applying nail polish with the hand you write with; it is the strongest hand and can better hold the brush giving you better control.

Put a second coat of nail polish for a fantastic result.

Don’t deprive yourself from getting the most beautiful bridal manicure of 2018 in Meghan Markle’s elegant and soft way. Follow the above tips to get the most attractive nails on your big day. 

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