11 tips for applying foundation in a perfect way

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
11 tips for applying foundation in a perfect way
11 tips for applying foundation in a perfect way

Preparing the face for makeup is of utmost importance for a well done makeup; it requires many steps, the most important being applying foundation. If foundation is applied in a good and professional way, you will get an attractive and outstanding makeup. How about learning some tips from a beauty expert team?


1. Cleansing the skin - make sure you cleanse your skin daily with a suitable wash. Choose facial wash types made from natural ingredients, rather than those made from chemicals that affect the skin.

2. Taking care of the skin – follow a daily routine and a weekly one to take care of your skin. The beauty of your face and the elegance of your makeup are reflected by your skin; a radiant skin allows for a more beautiful makeup.


3. Rubbing ice cubes over the face - after cleansing the skin, rub it with an ice cube to minimize pores and to protect your face from the adverse effect of foundations and creams.

4. Skin moisturizing – foundation looks bad on dry skin and cannot hide wrinkles; on the contrary, it makes them more visible. So make sure to moisturize your skin, day and night, with moisturizing creams that contain natural nourishing ingredients.

5. Cleanliness of makeup tools and brushes – before applying foundation, make sure that the foundation brush is clean and free from any residues. A dirty brush can transfer bacteria to your skin, and spoil your makeup.

6. Validity date of foundation products – be aware of the dates of production and expiry of the product. An expired product should be discarded because it can hurt your skin and cause skin problems.


7. Choosing a color that suits your skin color and type – when choosing a color, make sure it suits your skin color by trying it on the inside of your wrist; this color area is the closest to your face color. Buy the foundation that suits best your skin type; if you have oily skin, avoid oily foundations.


8. Foundation with a pump bottle – beauty experts prefer a foundation with a pump bottle to maintain its efficiency for as long as possible. When using foundation, pump the amount you need without opening the container to keep the product away from bacteria and outside pollution.

9. Applying a primer before putting foundation – priming your skin is the secret for a beautiful and glowing foundation. Apply a layer of primer after moisturizing your face.


10. Before putting foundation, apply a concealer to hide spots and redness for a velvety, blemish-free looking skin. The under eye concealer can be applied over the foundation if you have light under-eye circles, but should be applied before foundation for purple under-eye circles.


11. Applying foundation –beauty experts recommend distributing foundation in an even way on the face and neck with a flat brush, and using a beauty blender to blend it with the concealer into the skin by gently stroking the face.

By applying abovementioned tips you will get a velvety, blemish-free, wrinkle-free, radiant and glowing skin.

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