6 tips to take care of your lips in winter

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
6 tips to take care of your lips in winter
6 tips to take care of your lips in winter

Silky and soft lips make it easier to apply lipstick for a rosy and fuller look. Due to the dry and cold weather in winter, you may experience dry and cracked lips; that’s why you should put more effort to take care of them. Discover the best tips for taking care of your lips in cold weather in order to keep them in good condition.

6 important tips to take care of your lips in winter

1. Cleansing lips: 

One of the most important things to keep your lips healthy is to make sure they are clean. So don’t forget to remove makeup once you get home.

2. Moisturizing lips:

Using a lip moisturizer is a must; it softens lips and protects them from cracks by enveloping them with a water resistant creamy and viscous coat. You might need to moisturize your lips more than once a day, and make sure to do it at bedtime. We also recommend carrying your lip moisturizer with you so you can use it any time you feel your lips are dry to avoid getting a rough and crackled aspect.

3. Exfoliating lips: 

Make sure to exfoliate your lips to get rid of dead or crackled skin. Use any lip exfoliator and rub it on your lips with a soft toothbrush. You can also prepare a lip exfoliator at home by mixing honey, lemon and sugar for example.

4. Don’t touch your lips: 

The lip area is very sensitive so you should avoid peeling your lips with your hand, also avoid touching your lips with your wet tongue.

5. A healthy diet:

Follow a healthy and balanced diet; eat a lot of vegetables and fruits that help hydrating the skin. Make sure to drink as much as 8 cups of water a day to keep your lips moist and healthy. 

6. Using lipstick:

 In winter, enjoy putting lipstick before leaving the house; lipstick protects lips by isolating them from external factors.

By following these basic tips, you will keep your lips in good condition in the cold season; your silky lips will have a fuller and more feminine look when you put lipstick. 

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