6 tips for hooded eyes makeup

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
6 tips for hooded eyes makeup
6 tips for hooded eyes makeup

Eye makeup is on top of the daily makeup routine list. Learn how to reveal the beauty of your eyes by putting a makeup that suits their shape.

Applying makeup to hooded and small eyes can be difficult. Below are some tips to help you applying the best makeup for a wider and luminous look.

How do I know that my eyes are hooded?

Hooded eyes feature a big skin fold hiding most of the mobile upper eyelid and making eyes look smaller. Hooded eyes look sleepy and not well opened due to the fold pressure on the eye.


6 tips for applying the best makeup to small, hooded eyes

1. Light eyeshadows: Choose a matte eyeshadow in a light color. You can apply a light shadow on the mobile upper lid and a darker one to define the brow bone i.e. the big skin fold above the eye. You can also apply eyeshadow to the upper skin fold only, since your mobile upper lid appears only when you close your eyes!

2. Thin winged eyeliner: Make sure to draw a very thin line and to extend a little upward to get winged eyeliner that makes your eyes look wider.


3. Waterproof mascara: One of the most annoying things with hooded eye is that lashes stick to skin above the eye. Use waterproof or smudge free mascara to prevent staining the skin. For the same reasons, make sure to use anti-smudge eyeliner.

4. Cat eyeliner: Cat eyeliner suits hooded eyes if eyeliner is applied on the lower lid rather than the upper one. Your eyes will look bigger and more luminous.


5. Colored eyeliner: Don’t be afraid to try colored eyeliner; it gives a radiant and wider look to the eyes in an attractive and modern way.

6. Defining the lower lid: Don’t forget to define the lower lid with pencil or eyeshadow. Draw a thin line to make your eyes look wider and more defined. If you want a smoky makeup, we recommend blending eyeshadow only under the lower eyelid to get a smoky makeup revealing the beauty of your eyes.


Don’t be afraid to try latest makeup techniques such as cat eyes makeup, but do it a way that suits your eye shape and reveals its beauty. Follow these simple tips to master hooded eyes makeup.

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