Discover, in photos, the correct way to apply makeup

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Discover, in photos, the correct way to apply makeup
Discover, in photos, the correct way to apply makeup

The correct way of putting makeup is one of the basic things every woman should know; whether applying makeup for the first time or wanting to learn the correct order of makeup steps.

Beauty experts have different opinions when it comes to the right order of makeup steps, but most of them follow the same basic rules regarding the application of makeup; follow these rules to get a soft and radiant makeup using the cosmetics suitable for skin color and type.

In the following article, we will show beginners how to apply makeup, I photos. Learn the basic steps and their correct order to get a well done makeup and a stunning look.

The correct way to apply makeup, in photos:

1. Preparing the skin:


It includes cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. You can prepare your skin before bedtime or one hour at least before putting makeup. Using a toner before putting makeup helps in getting a clear, oil free skin.

2. Primer:


Apply a primer before putting makeup for protecting and firming your skin, in addition to minimizing pores which reduces sebum secretions and therefore makes your makeup stay in place for a long time.


3. Foundation:


Spread foundation on your face using a brush or a sponge to unify skin color and hide blemishes. Make sure that the foundation color is close to your skin color or one degree darker for a natural look.

4. Concealer:


Apply concealer around your eyes to cover dark circles, but avoid putting it on upper lid if your skin is oily because it will prevent your makeup from staying in place for a long time. Discover: the correct way to apply concealer

5. Drawing eyebrows:


Define your eyebrows with a brow pencil or any other brow defining product you are used to; it should be in a color close to your hair color to give you a natural look.

6. Eye makeup:


We recommend applying eye makeup before completing the face makeup to avoid any error or in case a little bit of eyeshadow falls on the face. Start by putting eyeshadow on the entire upper eyelid and in the eye crease, in addition to defining lower eyelid.

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After that, define your eyes with eyeliner according to the shape of your eyes; it is better to use eyeliner and not kohl pencils especially in summer.

The last step in eye makeup is mascara which gives a captivating look, apply two coats of mascara to accentuate your lashes; wait a little for mascara to dry before going ahead with makeup steps.

7. Face powder:


Powder helps in setting foundation and concealer; it also gives a refreshed and soft look to makeup, especially by covering the shine caused by sebum secretion.

8. Blush:


Use a little blush for your cheeks and spread it well with brush.

9. Lipstick:


Apply a lipstick color you like; before that you can apply a little foundation on your lips to make lipstick stay for a longer time.

10. Makeup setting spray:

The last and important step is the use of a makeup setting spray on your entire face; keep your eyes closed, and spray a little quantity keeping the bottle 50 cm away from your skin.

By following the correct way to put makeup, say good bye to makeup mistakes and get a natural and captivating look at the same time.

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