How to apply eyeshadow for a renewed look everyday

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
How to apply eyeshadow for a renewed look everyday
How to apply eyeshadow for a renewed look everyday

The way to apply eyeshadow differs according to the occasion and to the shape of the eye; but it is important to get acquainted with different ways of applying eyeshadow to discover the way that best suits your eye shape or to break the routine and shine with a different new look.

A light eyeshadow highlights any part of the eye you want to accentuate, while dark eyeshadow gives depth to the eye and make it look bigger and more lifted.  Applying eyeshadow is similar to sculpting the face, but instead of using a contour and a highlighter, we use light and dark eyeshadow colors to emphasize the beauty of eyes and enhance their shape.

Applying eyeshadow in a successful way depends on how it is blended; you should use a suitable blending brush for a good blending result that will give a soft and natural eye makeup.
Following is how to apply eyeshadow, in photos. Discover the way that best suits the shape of your eyes and try new ways of applying eyeshadow.


Applying eyeshadow in various ways:

1. Light eyeshadow (highlighter)


Light eyeshadow is applied on three different spots: inner corner of eye (tear line), mid upper eyelid and under eye brow (brow bone); it illuminates the eye, makes it look wider and accentuates its color in a superb way.


2. Dark eyeshadow on beginning of eye:


Dark eyeshadow on beginning of upper eyelid helps reducing the distance between eyes; apply it if you have wide set eyes.


3. Dark eyeshadow at end of eye:


Dark eyeshadow on end of upper eyelid suits different eye shapes; it especially helps close set eyes to look more far apart, and it accentuates the beauty of almond shaped eyes. If you have round eyes, you can apply it to get almond shaped eyes.


4. Eyeshadow at beginning and end of eye:


This is the common way to apply eyeshadow because it suits all eye shapes; your eyes will not look smaller or bigger. You should put a shimmering or light color at tear line, at mid upper eyelid and on brow bone as mentioned earlier.


5. Dark eyeshadow extended at end of eye:


Extend eyeshadow upward at end of eye and blend it upward with a brush to get a cat eye drawing. This will make your eyes look bigger and slightly lift your upper eyelid is if it is sagging. 


6. Eyeshadow at end of eye and at eye crease


Applying eyeshadow this way suits all eye shapes, especially sleeping eyes as it makes them look wider and more lifted.  Apply dark eyeshadow at end of upper eyelid and at eye crease and blend well in an upward movement to make it reach the highlighter applies on brow bone. 


7. Dark eyeshadow at eye crease:


Cut crease is defining the eye crease with dark eyeshadow; it gives depth and a 3D effect to your eyes. To enlarge eyes, apply a light color on entire upper eyelid to enhance their beauty. 


8. Eyeshadow in a crescent shape:


This technique enlarges the eyes and makes upper eyelid look wider. Apply dark eyeshadow at end of upper eyelid and at eye crease, and extend in a crescent or banana shape toward inner corner of eye.


9. Eyeshadow on entire upper eyelid:


When applying eyeshadow to entire upper eyelid, avoid very dark shades because they will make your eyes appear smaller and also avoid very light shades because they will give an exaggerated bright makeup. Use eyeshadow in a natural nude color for a captivating look.

Now you can try different ways of applying eyeshadow to get a renewed and modern look every day.

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