Find out where to apply highlighter on the face

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Find out where to apply highlighter on the face
Find out where to apply highlighter on the face

In recent years, highlighter became one of the most important items in makeup; it adds beauty to makeup and gives it more radiance and glow. Many women use it, but they don’t know exactly where to apply it on the face.


Following are tips from beauty experts:

It is important to choose a suitable brush for distributing highlighter; experts prefer to use a fan brush because its bristles are soft on the skin and its shape is suitable for distributing required the amount of highlighter and eliminating any excess amount for a radiant, blemish free skin. It is also essential to choose a highlighter that suits the type and color of skin. Main parts of the face where to apply highlighter:


Eye area


Experts stress on the importance of highlighting the eye area, especially the area under eyebrows, to give eye makeup more seduction and charm. This is one of the tricks experts use to enlarge and widen eyes; they also advise to put it on outer corner of eye for a more mysterious look. You can also put some highlighter at the tear line for a captivating look. Experts stress the need to avoid the area above eyebrows; don’t highlight it, this will accentuate wrinkles appearance.

Cheek area


Experts advise to apply highlighter at the center of cheeks on top of blush; this will make cheeks look fuller and add radiance and glow to your look. If you like the lifted cheek look, apply highlighter on sides of cheeks.

Nose area


Putting highlighter on the nose area requires a lot of attention. If you want to make your nose look smaller, experts advise to contour your nose with a foundation, one degree darker than your skin, and a highlighter. Apply the contouring on the bone and sides of nose then blend well with a beauty blender sponge and a fan brush to get the desired look.

Lips area


Experts advise to put highlighter on lips border for a more beautiful and sparkling smile. They use it as a trick to enlarge and emphasize lips by applying highlighter at the center of upper and lower lips then blending it with lipstick for a fuller look.

If you love shiny makeup, you can apply highlighter at the center and sides of forehead, but stay away from the area above eyebrows; you can also apply it on the chin area.

By applying highlighter to above-mentioned areas, you will get an outstanding trendy makeup.

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