Enjoy your week end with an attractive makeup

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Enjoy your week end with an attractive makeup
Enjoy your week end with an attractive makeup

The week end is an opportunity to spend more time with family or friends; it means enjoying your time away from work, meetings and business suits.

Here are some tips for an attractive look during the week end:


During the week end, you have enough timeto cleanse and exfoliate you skin to remove dead cells, to apply nourishing masks which will give your skin a younger and more radiant look, and to apply a suitable moisturizing cream for a softer skin.


Your skin is now well prepared for makeup. Apply foundation and try to contour your face by using two color degrees, one in the same shade of your skin color and the other one darker. The lighter color will help accentuating and highlighting some of your face features, and the darker color will blur features you don’t want to emphasize. Each facial shape has a special contouring way; above photos show the most common way to do it.


Apply a smoky eyeshadow or any other color that suits the colors of your clothes.


You can apply lipstick in a bright red, peach, dark pink or violet color in a way that suits your skin color and clothes.


Define your eyes with eyeliner. You can follow the latest trend and draw eyeliner in a graphic way, or use colored kohl in trendy colors such as blue or white for a special look during the week end. You can also add a fine line of eyeshadow in an orange, blue or violet color to suit your lipstick.


Enhance length and thickness of eyelashes by applying lengthening and thickening mascara; you can use blue or brown mascara for a look that differs from your usual look at work.


Tie your hair in a ponytail or any other style you don’t wear during the week.


You can adorn your nails with nice floral drawings or use a glitter nail polish that will give a lovely effect.


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