Shine with Angelina Jolie’s makeup style

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Shine with Angelina Jolie’s makeup style
Shine with Angelina Jolie’s makeup style

Angeline Jolie is one of the most beautiful women in the world and many women would love to look like her; if you are a fan of Angelina Jolie, follow below steps to get the outstanding soft makeup that accentuates her attractive beauty.


- Cleanse your skin from makeup residues with a suitable face wash then apply a moisturizer that suits your skin type; a clean and refreshed skin gives makeup a more beautiful look.

- Start your makeup by applying a primer on entire face to set makeup and to avoid harmful effects of cosmetics. Don’t forget to apply an eye primer on your eyelids to make eyeshadow stay put.

- Groom your eyebrows like Angelina Jolie, i.e. keep their natural look and fill the gaps only; Angelina has thin and beautiful eyebrows. If you have black eyebrows, use a brow corrector in a shade two degrees lighter than your eyebrow color.

- Choose a concealer, two degrees darker than your skin color; apply it on nose bone in a vertical way, on nose sides, under lower lip in a horizontal way, on the area between upper lip and nose in a vertical way and under cheekbones.

- Choose a foundation that suits your skin color; apply it in drops on entire face then gently dab with a beauty blender sponge to distribute and blend foundation with concealer while keeping the applied contour.


- Put a little concealer in the same color of your skin under eyebrows to give them a neat look. Choose a flesh color from the eyeshadow palette and apply it with a flat brush on entire upper eyelid and also on lower eyelid; choose a brown wood color and apply it with a flat brush at eye crease; then with the same color and brush define the areas where nose bone meets eyebrow near inner corner of eye; finally choose a bronze color from the eyeshadow palette and apply it on mobile eyelid. Use this makeup method to get Angelina’s outstanding features.

- Choose a concealer two degrees lighter than your skin color and apply it under eye area to eliminate dark circles; also apply it on chin area and bottom sides of face to enlarge this zone. Use a beauty blender sponge to merge concealer with cream.

- Angelina Jolie defines her eyes in a very special way; she uses a triangular shaped brush and black eyeshadow. Draw a fine line of eyeshadow at base of eyelashes in a cat eye style as if you were drawing eyeliner; make sure to draw the line in a precise manner to get an outstanding makeup. Put light beige kohl inside the eye.


- Press your eyelashes with a lash curler and put false eyelashes; choose two types of false eyelashes, a lash strip and longer individual lashes, then distribute them among natural eyelashes at outer corner of eye and use mascara to mix natural and artificial lashes. Then press lashes with a lash curler to get thick lashes like Angelina Jolie.

- To set foundation and concealer, choose two colors of face powder; apply the darker powder over dark areas and the lighter powder over light areas.


- To accentuate your facial features like Angelina, apply a bronzer with a flat brush over the darker powder.

- Choose blush in a warm bronze color and apply it on your cheeks for an outstanding effect.

- Choose lipstick in a nude color and apply it on your lips; then use a dark plum color contour pencil to contour your lips in a way to enlarge and emphasize them. Using the contouring technique, try to accentuate the central line of the lower lip by applying a dark concealer in its middle and a highlighter on its sides. Blend colors with a brush to get an outstanding lip makeup.

By following above steps, you will get the makeup of the most beautiful actress in Hollywood.

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