How to put eyeliner after the age of 40

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
How to put eyeliner after the age of 40
How to put eyeliner after the age of 40

Eyelids weaken and sag with age thus preventing women from applying black eyeliner in an attractive way. But luckily there are some tricks and secrets hat help in overcoming aging effects to allow applying eyeliner whatever your age is.

Discover how to draw eyeliner after the age of forty, with Maybelline, by adopting following tips:


1. A black pencil is better than liquid eyeliner:

When eyelids sag and wrinkles appear, it becomes harder to draw eyeliner; therefore always choose a black pencil instead of liquid eyeliner which accentuates wrinkles and gives a crooked drawing. We recommend using Lasting Drama 24H Automatic Gel Pencil in black.

2. Always put mascara when you put eyeliner:

It is very important to put mascara when you put eyeliner; this will define your eyes and give them a wide and radiant look. Choose Lash Sensational mascara; its curved brush captures all lashes even the smallest ones to give you thick and fanned lashes.

3. Adopt the winged eyeliner style:

Draw eyeliner in a winged cat eye style; a heavy eyelid reduces the sharpness of the drawing to give you defined and elongated eye in a soft way.

4. Use a brow pencil as eyeliner:

Earth colors suit eye makeup after the age of forty. You can use Brow Satin pencil to define your eyes; use the pencil end to line the eye then use the sponge end to blend the line and get a smoky effect that will enhance the eye expression in an attractive and radiant way.

5. Make highlighter your everlasting friend:

After drawing eyeliner, add a touch of highlighter at the inner corner of the eye; this will widen the eye opening and give it more radiance.

Follow these simple tips from Maybelline New York and define your eyes in a beautiful way that suits your age.

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