Shine with an attractive makeup during Eid al Adha

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Shine with an attractive makeup during Eid al Adha
Shine with an attractive makeup during Eid al Adha

The Eid is a joyful period that brings relatives together; therefore you need to look beautiful with an attractive makeup that suits the occasion.

To look at your best and to catch the attention, follow below steps:


- Cleanse your face with a suitable face wash to get rid of makeup residues and to refresh your skin before putting makeup.

- Apply a moisturizing cream on your skin and spread it to cover the entire face and neck; don’t forget to moisturize your eye mobile eyelid and the area under the eyes.


- Use a primer over your entire face to let makeup stay put for a longer time.


- Start eye makeup defining eyebrows by drawing them hair by hair; fill the gaps to get attractive eyebrows.

- Apply primer on entire upper lid using a medium brush.


- Apply a beige eyeshadow on entire upper eyelid, in particular at inner corner of eye to hide fine lines; apply a dark brown eyeshadow on eye crease and blend colors with a suitable brush; apply glitter eyeshadow in a light gold color and distribute it well. With a tapered brush, apply dark brown eyeshadow on lower eyelid to emphasize the beauty and width of your eyes.

- Draw a thin line of eyeliner on upper eyelid, and use black kohl inside the eye on upper and lower inner rims.

- Put false lashes and apply mascara to combine them with natural eyelashes.

- Choose a soft foundation and apply it in drops; and then distribute it by gently dabbing with a makeup sponge. Don’t forget to spread foundation over your neck area.


- Apply concealer under your eyes to hide dark circles; make sure to use a color one degree lighter than foundation. If circles are very dark, you can use a plum color. Blend concealer and foundation well to unify the color.

- Put face powder to cover foundation and to give your face a more radiant look.

- Put a little blush in a nude color to reveal the natural color of your cheeks.

- Put a little shiny highlighter on nose bone, cheekbones, forehead and chin to reflect light and emphasize the beauty of your facial features.


- Apply a lip balm to moisturize your lips; chose a nude lip contour and a nude lipstick to get soft and beautiful lips.

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