Makeup secrets of Elçin Sangu, the star of “Hobb lil Ijar” television series

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Makeup secrets of Elçin Sangu, the star of “Hobb lil Ijar” television series
Makeup secrets of Elçin Sangu, the star of “Hobb lil Ijar” television series

Turkish actresses were able to appear in a striking manner on the artistic scene; this is due to their skills in playing characters in a truthful way, in addition to their professional non excessive makeup.

What about taking a look at red haired Elçin Sangu’s photo album?She was able to attract attention to her from her first role, and became a very popular figure by acting in three dramatic series; the latest series “Hobb lil Ijar” achieved the highest viewing rate in Turkey and abroad.

Elçin’s makeup differs from other actresses’ makeup; in addition to her beautiful features and her innocent look, she has a very fair skin that adds glow to her fire red hair.

How about getting acquainted with Elçin’s makeup style that adds to her beauty?
- Elçin takes great care of her skin giving it a lot of time; upon waking up in the morning, she cleanses her face with a suitable wash then dries it and starts applying day moisturizing creams for more glow and beauty.
- At night, before bedtime, she removes her makeup with a makeup remover then massages her skin gently while applying moisturizing night creams. 
- She applies nourishing masks weekly to maintain a radiant and refreshed skin.
- Elçin protects her skin from sun rays by applying a sun screen.
- She puts her makeup with the help of her makeup expert; she starts by applying a primer to let her makeup stay put for a longer time.
- She uses little foundation and distributes it evenly on her face with a beauty blender sponge.
- She uses a concealer one degree lighter than her skin color and applies it under the eyes.
- She applies a little amount of a translucent face powder to cover the foundation and the concealer; the translucent powder allows her basic skin color to show.
- She puts a soft eye makeup; she applies eyeshadow only on the mobile eyelid and chooses unique colors such as pink or smoky and sometimes violet. 
- She defines her eyes with eyeliner in a simple style that widen her eyes.
- She uses black kohl inside the eyes for a more attractive look.
- She applies mascara on her eyelashes for a more attractive look.
- She leaves her fire red eyebrows the way they are; she simply arranges them by applying a gel and combing them to add more elegance to her eye makeup.
- She loves to emphasize the natural glow of her cheeks by using a nude color blush
- She uses lipstick in various colors such as pink, light brown, plum and nude to suit the colors of her eye makeup and her outfits for a harmonious and elegant look.

Elçin was born in Izmir, Turkey in a Turkish family of Circassian origin. She studied opera at Mersin University then joined the fine arts school at Turkish Hacettepe University. Her first appearance was in in “Ala Marr el Zaman” series. She played in several series, the latest being “Hobb lil Ajar” with Barış Arduç; their acting in this series made the couple win the Golden Butterfly TV award 2015.


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