7 tips to treat brittle and splitting nails

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
7 tips to treat brittle and splitting nails
7 tips to treat brittle and splitting nails

Keeping your nails healthy and beautiful is as important as taking care of your face; nails are the mirror of your elegance.

One of the most important problems is brittle and splitting nails, whether due to internal factors such as malnutrition or deficiency in some minerals and vitamins, or to external factors such as dryness or repeated usage of nail polish. Many women use false nails or put acrylic nails to temporarily remedy the problem but this is not good on the long term.

To ensure healthy and beautiful nails, we will show you in this article how to treat and take care of splitting nails; following are some essentials tips to get healthy and attractive nails even without nail polish!


7 tips to take care of brittle and splitting nails:


1. Taking care of nails and moisturizing them:

Care starts by a good manicure from filing to removing excess cuticles around the nails, once a month. Removing cuticles too often leads to weakening the nail by leaving it exposed to bacteria.

After that, the most important step is to moisturize the nails by massaging the nail area with vaseline, whenever you have the time during the day or at least before bedtime.

2. Avoiding chemicals:

Keep away from chemical detergents that cause brittle and splitting nails. Try to get used to wearing latex gloves when doing housework.

3. Using a gentle nail polish remover:

Use an acetone free nail polish remover; with time, acetone leads to brittle and splitting nails. You can also try natural nail polish removers that are safe for your nails.

4. Let your nails breathe:

No doubt that nail polish enhances the beauty of nails, but it forms a coat that prevents nails from breathing. Therefore it is essential to let your nails breathe from time to time; make sure not to leave nail polish on your nails for more than 3 to 4 days.

5. Natural remedies

Nature provides us with what is best; therefore we recommend massaging your nails, from time to time, with natural oils such as olive oil or almond oil. You can also soak your nails in water and a little white vinegar; this will eliminate fungus under the nail, reduces its yellowing, and also strengthens it.

6. Keep away from bad habits:

When we are stressed, we tend to bite our nails and peel the skin around them; therefore hurting our nails. You should also keep away from using your nails to open cans or scratch plastic cards and other tasks that lead to breaking and splitting the nails.

7. Heathy diet:

A heathy diet is one of the first things that contribute to treating brittle and splitting nails. Make sure to follow a diet rich in calcium, vegetables, fruits and proteins to keep your nails strong and healthy.

Follow these tips to treat brittle and splitting nails and to keep them strong and shiny.

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