6 eye makeup daring ideas for special occasions

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  • Tuesday, May 21, 2019
6 eye makeup daring ideas for special occasions
6 eye makeup daring ideas for special occasions

Eye makeup for special occasion differs from other makeup styles; strong and shiny colors should be used to emphasize the beauty of the eyes in a way that suits the occasion and also the outfit. 
Smoky eye makeup suits special occasions; besides black, it comes now in different colors to give you a modern, young and elegant look. Glitter makeup is back this year; by using glitter eyeliner or eyeshadow, you will give your eyes a captivating look. 

In steps, here are some eye makeup ideas for special occasions.

1. Peach and gold eye makeup:

Peach color is a top trend for eye makeup; it is a neutral color that suits all eye colors. Whatever you are wearing, peach is an ideal makeup choice.

Apply a light plum eyeshadow on the entire upper eyelid and define the crease line with a darker peach color. Add gold glitter eyeshadow at the center of upper eyelid to illuminate the eye and achieve a sumptuous eye makeup for special occasions.

2. Blue and brown eye makeup:

Lately, blue eye makeup became a trend. You might think that it might not suit your skin color or some occasions; on the contrary, blue is the new black. Strong and bold colors are in this season, but you have to mix them with dark eyeshadow such as dark brown for instance to get a wonderful evening makeup.

3. Burgundy eye makeup:

Burgundy is now an essential color for evening eye makeup; it is bold and elegant at the same time and gives an ideal eye makeup for special occasions. Burgundy accentuates the eye color whether it is light or dark. 

4. Violet eye makeup: 

Violet is the color of the year and violet lipstick was chosen by many celebrities. Mauve, a bold and fun color, is ideal for evening eye makeup if chosen in a dark shade or mixed with other dark or glitter eyeshadows. 

5. Black and gold smoky makeup

One cannot do without black smoky eye makeup, but the trend this year is to pair it with glitter gold eyeshadow to add a touch of radiance to eyes. You can add the gold color in the way you want, but the usual way is to apply glitter eyeshadow at the center of upper eyelid to illuminate the eye in a captivating manner.

6. Pink eye makeup:

If you prefer a soft eye makeup, the most suitable is pink eye makeup. Pink suits all skin and eye colors; it also suits evening outfits. Blend it with a dark color and add glitter pink eyeshadow for a sumptuous and elegant evening makeup.

No need to be confused after now or to go to a beauty salon; with these ideas, you can easily apply the most beautiful eye makeup at home and surprise everybody around you with your attractive modern look.

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