5 makeup tricks to enlarge small eyes

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
5 makeup tricks to enlarge small eyes
5 makeup tricks to enlarge small eyes

Wide eyes are one of the most important beauty attributes of a woman, especially an Arab woman; wide eyes add to the seduction and attractiveness of a woman. To keep beautiful eyes, take care of your health; sleep well, avoid smoking and staying out late, drink a lot of water and eat vegetables and fruits in order to keep your skin refreshed and limit the appearance of dark circles which further narrow the eyes.

If you apply the following tips, you can also get an attractive eye expression; these simple makeup tricks for an ideal eye makeup, will give you a wider and more beautiful look.

1- Use eyeliner or an eye defining pencil to draw a line at base of upper eyelashes; extend the line outside the eye in a thicker and slightly upward way for a cat eye look which makes small eyes look wider. Use the eye defining pencil to define the eye at the base of lower eyelashes; the farther away lines are, the wider your eyes will look.

2- Use eyeshadow in a shiny white color on edge of mobile eyelid and at lower eyelashes line; this will give radiance and more width to your eyes. If you want to use eyeshadow in other colors, apply light colors on entire upper eyelid then apply dark colors on outer parts of eyelid to enhance eye makeup.

3- Use a lash curler before applying mascara; it will open and lift eyelashes giving the eye a wider and more beautiful look. Preferably, use mascara in a black color because it will enhance the whiteness of the eye thus enlarging your small eyes. Don’t put a lot of mascara to prevent clumps from narrowing your eyes.

4- Groomed and defined eyebrows emphasize the beauty of eyes. Make sure to clean and trim your eyebrows; don’t make them thin, and fill the gaps with a brow powder or a pencil in a color one degree darker than your natural eyebrows.

5- To make small eyes look bigger and wider, you can put a touch of concealer under the eye to hide dark circles and fatigue signs and give eyes more radiance and beauty. Concealer is an indispensable cosmetic product; it enhances the eye look and gives a clear and refreshed skin. Choose a high quality concealer in a color that suits your skin color for an ideal eye makeup.

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