5 makeup tricks to be used daily for a more radiant look

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
5 makeup tricks to be used daily for a more radiant look
5 makeup tricks to be used daily for a more radiant look

You deserve to look always beautiful. Here are some makeup tricks that you can apply at home instead of spending a lot of time in beauty salons. Many secrets lie behind a well done makeup that stays put. Maybelline beauty experts reveal some makeup tricks for a beautiful and outstanding look. 

5 tricks to facilitate applying and setting makeup, in photos:

1. Trick for plumping lips with a concealer:


For defined and noticeable lips, you need to use Lumi Touch Concealer to erase the basic borders of the lips. Then with a lip contour pencil draw new borders at the white limits of the mouth that surround the basic lip color, and fill lips with a color of your choice. After that, redefine your “new” lips with a fine line of concealer on the outer border of the mouth and get naturally enlarged and full lips. 

2. Trick for setting lipstick with face powder and paper tissue:


After contouring lips and applying a color, place a paper tissue on your lips to absorb excess liquid; then apply some face powder over the color and put lipstick again. Adopt this trick to make your lipstick stay put all day long.

3. Trick for thickening eyelashes with face powder:


Face powder is not only for setting makeup; it can also thicken eyelashes in a seductive way. Put one coat of volume mascara such as Lash Sensational and wait for a minute until it dries. Then apply face powder on the eyelash bristles to make them thicker and allow them to take in more mascara gel. Re-apply many coats of this mascara for an astonishing result.

4. Trick for drawing eyeliner with the help of an adhesive tape:


Say goodbye to crooked lines and welcome the perfect eyeliner shape! Put a piece of adhesive tape under the eye and make it adjacent to the end line of the lower lashes in an upward and winged way. Use liquid and color-rich Master Ink eyeliner to draw a line bordering the tape end the upper lashes. Remove the tape to get a perfectly defined winged shape.

5. Trick for using highlighter to illuminate dark areas of the face:


Applying highlighter gives an incredible result. Put a little highlighter on the highest points of cheeks and brows to emphasize them. Then apply some highlighter on the inner corner of the eye to open them for a seductive look. You can also put highlighter on the middle area of the upper lip to illuminate it and make it look bigger.

Try these simple makeup tricks; they facilitate makeup application and ensure an all-day lasting makeup.

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