11 tips for an outstanding face contour

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
11 tips for an outstanding face contour
11 tips for an outstanding face contour

Contouring has become the most important technique to reveal the beauty of your features. The face features can be improved and some imperfections can be hidden thanks to this technique. But applying this technique requires a high level of expertise and precision in order make the features appear natural and not artificial.

To obtain a well done contour, you should avoid the following mistakes when contouring your face.

- Make sure to take care of your skin and to moisturize it with creams; this will refresh it and make contouring appear more beautiful.


- Make sure to choose creams and powders of well-known brands for a good coverage and colors that suit your skin.

- Be aware of the validity date of products, as expired creams and powders can lead to skin allergies thus creating problems you don’t need.


The contouring technique is based on applying foundation and powder; it should be done in a balanced way with a homogeneous distribution of the products and without any exaggeration. This is your guide for face contouring: complete guide for face contouring steps


- When blending the contour, slightly moisten the beauty blender with water in order to get the best coverage and the most beautiful look.

- When using a beauty blender, tap it gently over the face. Do not press it hard against your skin in order to maintain the different colors of the contour in place.

- When contouring your face, make sure the makeup brushes are clean; this is the most important step for a well done makeup.

- You can use a silicone beauty blender if you like, but to obtain better blended and more beautiful colors it is better to use a sponge beauty blender.


- Choose the contouring style that suits the shape of your face.


- Choose contouring colors that suit the color of your skin. The light color should be one degree lighter and the dark color one degree darker than your skin.

- Contouring is a way to reveal the beauty of your features. So be sure to use suitable amounts of creams and powders without any exaggeration.

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