10 eye makeup tricks for a more beautiful look

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  • Tuesday, May 21, 2019
10 eye makeup tricks for a more beautiful look
10 eye makeup tricks for a more beautiful look

Eye makeup is on top of the makeup list; it needs more attention and time than face makeup. Since eyes are one of the most attractive features of the face, eye makeup should be applied in a way that enhances the look of the eyes according to their shape.

Beauty experts use some eye makeup tricks to enhance the beauty of the eyes; learn these simple tricks to adopt them from now on, and get a captivating look.

10 eye makeup tricks you should try:

1. Define your eyebrows first: 

To obtain an amazing eye makeup, you should first define eyebrows and fill gaps; eyebrows play an important role in emphasizing the beauty of the eyes.

2. Use concealer above the eye:

We use concealer under the eyes to hide dark circles, but what about the upper lid? The upper lid has often a red or violet tint due to thinness of skin in this area. Therefore use concealer on upper lid to hide this unwanted color; if your skin is oily, we advise you to cover the concealer with a thin layer of powder to let makeup stay for a longer time.

3. How to apply eye shadow:

  • Before putting eyeshadow, you should get acquainted with different parts of the eye to be able to know where to apply light or dark colors, according to the shape of your eye. The eye from up to Brow bone: always apply a highlighter to emphasize the brow bone; this will illuminate the eye and lift the eyebrow.
  • The eye/lid crease: you can use light or dark eyeshadow to define the crease according to the shape of eye. The crease color should be the opposite of the upper lid color. If you use a dark color for the eyelid; you should apply a light color for the crease, and vice versa.  
  • Upper lid: you can apply light or dark color on the upper lid depending on the shape of the eye; and always in a contrasting manner to the crease color, as mentioned earlier.
  • Upper and lower lash lines; apply eyeliner or eyeshadow on both lines or on one of them.
  • Outer corner of the eye (V shape): apply dark eyeshadow on outer corner of the eye to get attractive almond shaped eyes.
  • Water line/inner rim of the eye: you can define it with kohl; preferably use a white or beige color because a dark color will make eyes look smaller.

4. Defining the eye in an open way: 

If you wish to define upper and lower lash lines with eyeliner or eyeshadow, try not to connect the two lines at the end of the eye; leave a space between the ends of the lines to make your eyes look bigger.

5. Apply colors that suit your eyes: 

Whether you want to use eyeliner or eyeshadow to define your eyes, we advise you to use black for dark eyes and brown for honey eyes; green for blue eyes will give a more radiant look. By the way, you can use any color you want but avoid green for green eyes!

6. Use a lash curler:

Before applying mascara, use always a lash curler; it bends your lashes upward to make eyes look bigger and give them more radiance, especially in the morning when your eyes are still sleepy.

7. Don’t use one type of mascara only:

Why use only one type of mascara when you can use two? Try using two different types; one to thicken lashes and one to lengthen them. If you don’t have two types of mascara, apply two or three coats of mascara to lengthen and thicken your lashes.

8. Apply mascara in a vertical way:

For combed and longer lashes, hold mascara in a vertical way; comb each lash separately to get long lashes you always dreamt of.

9. Beige kohl inside the eye:

To enlarge the eyes and give them a more luminous look, we advise you to apply beige kohl inside the eye; it will reflect the color of your eyes in a seductive manner.

10. Try white kohl under the eyebrows:

Apply white kohl on the brow bone for an immediate lifted eyebrow drawing!

Follow these easy and quick eye makeup tricks for a wonderful result.

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